Composer, teacher


Francesco Romano

Dear Guest, I'll be brief.

Born in Reggio Calabria, Italy, in 1960, I studied with Sergio Scopelliti and Maria Matilde Espinosa. I was awarded a master's degree magna cum laude in Piano at the hometown conservatory. In 1984 I took two specialization courses with Lya De Barberiis. Since 1981 I turned my music interest mainly to the composition, starting my studies with Vincenzo Mòdaro. Then I continued for some years as self-taught and in 1984 I was awarded the master's degrees in Instrumentation for Band, Choral Music and Choir Conduction. I completed my advanced studies with Paolo Renosto, then I was awarded the master's degree in Composition at the Conservatory of Palermo under the guidance of Eliodoro Sollima. Teacher in higher education institutions since 1984, by means of a competition in 1989 I was offered a chair in Music theory and analysis at the Conservatory of Reggio Calabria, where I have even taught music technology, have been responsible for the international relations and member of the Evaluation unit. I have some compositions and research papers to my credit.

I dedicate all my achievements to my beloved wife, our two wonderful sons and my Parents watching over me from sky.